Asset Management Software Developer New Site Launch

MASS Group Inc, located in Los Angeles, California, contracted TotalWeb Partners to update their site to modernize their web presence and increase traffic and leads. MASS Group is a software development company that designs and implements modular software for managing company assets, production, maintenance, inventory, and more.

It had been a few years since MASS Group last updated their site, and in that time web standards have dramatically progressed. TotalWeb Partners helped develop a new layout that would be responsive, aesthetic, functional, and easy-to-use. The customer provided the content and what they expected from their new site, and TotalWeb constructed a site that features:

  • High definition images
  • Responsive Web Design
  • An RFQ system that can be accessed from any page on the site
  • SEO-driven content
  • Detailed industry pages with appropriate solutions per industry

Posted on

August 23, 2021