Grinding and Secondary Machining New Catalog Site

TotalWeb Partners launched a new site with product catalog for a company that provides Grinding Services and Secondary Machining Operations that include but are not limited to: Double Disc Grinding, Centerless Infeed Grinding, and Centerless Bar and Tube Grinding.

Universal Grinding Corporation is a family operated Precision Grinding facility, founded in 1944 in downtown Cleveland across from what is now Jacobs Field.

Originally, Universal Grinding’s website was very basic. The original site consisted of a homepage with an image of the owners, their logo, a bulleted list of their services which linked to pages that had not been stylized, and contact information centered in the footer.

TotalWeb Partners transformed the company’s website with a more modern look and feel. TotalWeb Partners also added content buckets and divided their information into sections to highlight their Grinding Services, Secondary Machining Operations and Certifications. We also added a Showcase page to provide users with a glimpse of the companies overall capabilities.


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August 23, 2021